Use Customer Insights to set Corporate priorities

The First Software to Use AI to Prioritize Corporate Strategy and Provide Real Action Insights

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"We used MachineCore to inform our business turnaround strategy and then validate the progress we were making. It has underpinned our success for the last year" - Senior Executive, National Retail Chain

Why Analyze Customer Feedback?

Most businesses don't measure customer satisfaction well, here's what they are losing:



40 years of research proves that customer satisfaction is the primary determinant of whether a purchase is made or not.



Satisfied customers are far more likely to recommend  products and services to others, leading to improved customer acquisition.


Return Visits

Satisfied customers are more likely to return and purchase again than those who are dissatisfied.



Customer loyalty is entirely dependent on meeting expectations. Businesses who don't assess their feedback well, seldom generate strong loyalty.

We use A state-of-the-art technology Stack

Why Machinecore?

70% of businesses are unhappy with their existing customer analytics providers;
This is because those providers do not provide actionable insights.
MachineCore is designed specifically to turn customer insights into business actions.
No I.T. involvement needed.
No lengthy implementations --> Quick ROI.
Upload existing customer feedback and start immediately.
Bring all customer feedback together in one platform.
Quickly aggregate customer feedback to inform priorities, capital investments and actions.
Because MachineCore turns customer insights into profits.

For Businesses

Understand where your business should prioritize its efforts based on direct feedback from your customers. Collect or upload customer feedback from any source all in one platform and let the Machine assess where the biggest priorities are for your business.

Simple setup and powerful results.

  • Business Areas Ranked by Impact on NPS
    Always know which areas are impacting the satisfaction of your customers the most.
  • Understand Where You Are Winning & Losing
    See a prioritized list of areas where you are winning customers and losing customers
  • Set Business Strategy From Customer Feedback
    Quickly see which areas require business focus and investment and the areas that can be deprioritized
Stop relying on outdated customer analysis, use cutting-edge technology to quickly identify the actions that will take your business to the next level...

For Consultants

Provide powerful state-of-the-art analysis to your clients. Within a few days you can deliver revenue driving insights and business growth ideas based on direct and compelling insights derived directly from your clients customers.

  • Inform Business Strategy
    Develop business strategy recommendations with direct customer insight support and analytics
  • Target Improvement Actions
    Provided targeted improvement recommendations with the backing of feedback direct from customers
  • Prioritize Financial Investments
    Use customer insights to guide financial investments, knowing that customers will value them and provide ROI

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