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MachineCore's AI provides executive-level insights aimed to improve competitiveness and performance

"We used MachineCore to inform our business turnaround strategy and then validate the progress we were making. It has underpinned our success for the last year" - Senior Executive, National Retail Chain

What Does Your Business Do With All The Customer Feedback it collects?

The majority of businesses collect tens or hundreds of thousands of customer feedback comments. However, most businesses do very little with this feedback because they are generally dissatisfied with the insights they generate from this feedback.

MachineCore believes that within all of this customer feedback is a gold-mine of information that can be used to improve the performance of your business by better understanding where your business is winning and losing with your customers.

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Executive Dashboard

MachineCore's CXAI platform was built with executives in mind. It so easy to use, within minutes any business user will understand key performance insights directly from their customers.

  • Business Areas Ranked by Impact on NPS
    Always know which areas are impacting the satisfaction of your customers the most.
  • Understand Where You Are Winning & Losing
    See a prioritized list of areas where you are winning customers and losing customers
  • Set Business Strategy From Customer Feedback
    Quickly see which areas require business focus and investment and the areas the can be deprioritized

Customer Journey Map

See how your business is performing at each step of the customer journey with your business. See how you perform to their expectations across Browsing, Purchasing, Post-Purchase and Repeat Purchase touch-points.

  • Inform Business  Strategy
    Use the customer journey map to focus your business in the areas that are most impacting customer satisfaction
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
    Understand where to market to your strengths and fix the touch-points where your business is missing the mark
  • Support Financial Investments
    Use customer insights to guide financial investments, knowing that your customers will value them

Intro Video

Click on the video below for a quick 2-minute overview of the MachineCore CXAI platform offering.

Stop relying on outdated customer analysis, use cutting-edge technology to quickly identify the actions that will take your business to the next level...