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MachineCore's industry disrupting technology leapfrogs existing solutions

MachineCore uses voice of customer data to monitor your business in real-time

MachineCore's proprietary AI quickly generates data-driven action recommendations

The Only Voice of Customer Analytic That A Business Needs


Automatically identifies problem areas with your business and recommends the critical actions to fix them


Always know what's most important to improve your site, service and product offering, in priority order


What's more important than an NPS score? Knowing exactly how to improve it. Our dashboard provides both


The proprietary MachineCore Sentiment Score (MCSS) identifies critical feedback and converts it into priority rankings

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The combined power of artificial intelligence and the voice of your customers

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Immediately tells you where to spend your time to improve your business. This puts an end to wasted time, effort and money on unproductive improvements.

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" For the first time I can understand customer feedback in context!"

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"It highlighted that we were focused on the wrong priorities"

Transform customer feedback into
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