2 guys changing the customer Analytics industry

It started with a PhD thesis, a trip to Austin, and continued over a game called PUBG!

The genesis of MachineCore was a doctoral thesis that studied how customer satisfaction influenced customer behaviors and propensity to purchase. During a trip to Austin to see Jeff, Mark shared his research findings. They both realized that the research was highlighting a gap in the current customer analytics marketplace.  The first solution idea, which became MachineCore's CXAI Platform, followed quickly.

Mark (in Pittsburgh) and Jeff (in Austin) continued to develop the concept and tried numerous analytics solutions to solve the problem that they had identified. After much trial and error, they realized that a solution based on artificial intelligence was the only viable solution. They spent months developing a working prototype and would spend most evening's playing PUBG and talking about what they were learning and determining how to continue to develop a commercially viable solution.

Despite only having limited success at PUBG, it wasn't long before they had developed a working prototype. Within months they were able to find willing beta partners to test the solution and help them refine the platform. The refined solution was then adopted by a national retailer, and MachineCore became a critical strategic input into the dramatic turnaround of their business. It was then that Mark and Jeff knew they had created a solution that was capable of changing the customer analytics industry. At long last, there is now a solution that delivers customer derived insights capable of truly informing action and strategy. Mark and Jeff decided it was probably a good idea to patent this idea, and the patent is currently pending with the USPTO.

A broader number of businesses are now starting to understand the value that MachineCore's CXAI platform can deliver. Mark and Jeff continue to discuss new capabilities, technologies, and entirely new solution ideas over regular games of PUBG. While their CXAI solution is great, their PUBG skills still need a lot of work!

Some Questions answered...

Where did it start?

It all started with Mark's doctoral thesis on the linkage between customer satisfaction, customer behavior and retailer revenues. The business idea was identified from the research findings.

Why talk business while playing PUBG?

1. PUBG is one of the first really good 99 simultaneous-player games, 2. It is really hard, 3. It's not much different than having a conference call (while running away from someone with a frying pan), 4. it is addictive.

Who are the 2 founders?

Jeff was truly a pioneer in the .com industry, he started his first eCommerce business in 1996, and has been a leading technology innovator ever since. Jeff is also a successful technology investor. Mark's career has been focused in the corporate retail industry where he has held the positions of Chief Analytics Officer and Chief Supply Chain Officer for some large multi-national retailers. Mark was also a key contributor to an IPO and an $800M private equity transaction.

Where is MachineCore headed?

Jeff and Mark both see great opportunities and white space to apply their combined skills toward the application of artificial intelligence in the retail industry. They are firm in the belief that they can create an "A.I. first" business that will leap frog many of the current marketing and analytics providers in the retail industry, and beyond...

Why develop technology for the retail industry?

It is where Mark and Jeff have over 45 years of combined experience. It is also an industry that is in the midst of a major competitive disruption. Many retailers are in desperate need of solutions that can help them be more competitive, and MachineCore has the skills to deliver on this.

How was the software developed?

Mark and Jeff designed the CXAI platform themselves. They also developed the solution and delivery mechanism themselves (mostly Jeff), without any investment from others.

Is MachineCore Hiring?

Possibly. We are always on the look out for developers, data scientists, technology sales expertise, and good PUBG players. Provide your information if you have outstanding skills in any of these areas. Be prepared to provide evidence.

Is MachineCore looking for investors?

Possibly. MachineCore will consider taking investment from Venture Capital and Private Equity firms who have a strong and proven track record in the development of successful technology businesses. However, MachineCore is currently receiving a lot of investment interest, and they are a picky bunch. Get in touch if you believe you meet the criteria.

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