Transform your business through a better understanding of the needs and wants of your customers


Customer Feedback Analytics

We provide prioritized and unique action recommendations for your business, customer sentiment and NPS tracking.


Customer Feedback Collection & ALerts

We allow you to collect customer feedback on mobile, desktop, tablet and physical store receipt; we also offer configurable business alerts.


Consulting Support

We offer special assistance to consulting firms who use our customer analytics to assist with business transformation work. Consultants use us to generate customer insights.


Consulting Service

We provide consulting services to businesses who want to use our expertise to improve performance. We have deep expertise across omnichannel retail (see below for more details).

customer feedback collection

Our feedback collection methodology sets a new industry standard in customer convenience by eliminating the need for extensive questions and ratings requests. We simply ask for open ended feedback, a sentiment rank and a recommendation yes or no. Average customer completion time is less than 15 seconds and your business gets everything it needs to improve its performance.

If you don't want to use our collection tools, you can easily upload customer feedback you are collecting through another service. Alternatively, you can use both collection options simultaneously, whatever is most convenient to your business needs.

Our feedback collection tools can be configured with your branding, and can be placed in your website footer, or as a persistent/sticky "feedback" button anywhere on your web pages.

Also included in the service is the ability to provide a feedback url that can be placed on your physical or e-receipts in order to capture post-purchase feedback.

The CXAI Platform

MachineCore's CXAI platform provides the ability to: 1. Capture or upload customer feedback, 2. Analyze the feedback in real-time, 3. Understand the priority areas that customers want your business to address, 4. Immediately identify the strategic actions required to improve the performance of your business.

Prioritized Areas of Feedback

MachineCore's patent-pending technology classifies all of the customer feedback into categories that have been proven to predict customer satisfaction. Each feedback category is scored and ranked so that you can quickly see the highest priority areas to focus on first.

You can then drill down into each category to better understand the specific feedback within each.

Within each category of feedback, MachineCore calculates the sentiment associated with each comment, and provides a summarized list of key themes and topics that your customers are talking about. The key topics are ranked, and each one is clickable so that you can see all of the verbatim comments associated with each topic summary.

Action Recommendations

In addition to providing NPS tracking, individual comment sentiment analysis and feedback area prioritization, MachineCore provides a summary of the top 4 action recommendations, specifically tailored to your business.

The action recommendations are provided in a ranked order of priority, and they are written in business language so that they are easy to translate into your business. You don't need a degree in data science or marketing science to understand what to do with these recommendations or any of the analysis presented in the CXAI platform dashboard. In fact, the dashboard is executive-ready; within two minutes any executive can read the dashboard and have a clear understanding of what customers are saying about your business, what the priority areas are, and what specific strategic actions should be pursued.

This is game changing technology, and is only possible by using MachineCore's proprietary CXAI platform solution.

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Consulting Support & Services

Special assistance is available for large national or multi-national consulting firms who would like to use our customer analytics services to provide the basis for any business transformation project engagements.

If you represent a consulting firm and you are interested in leveraging our technology or expertise in this area, please click the link below to get in touch with us.

Alternatively, MachineCore can provide expert consulting to your business. We specialize in business improvement recommendations, merchandise management, inventory management, eCommerce and demand forecasting.

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